Claire Murgatroyd


North Vancouver Community Arts Council

April 28 - June 3, 2017

New Forms Matter

"SSBC members 2017" by Claire Murgatroyd

Artist Statement:

I use my art practice to develop and evolve a personal magical system. The symbolic language of the runes in my recent work, "Life Designer Portal: a vale of soul making", helps me to provoke altered states of thinking, thus creating a consciousness shift in my understanding of the meaning and purpose of life.

"The Tree of Cosmic Self-Knowledge" includes the symbolism of intertwining tree branches above and below the earth's horizon. The branches represent different time-lines of past life experiences. The semi-precious stone amber, fossilized resin from the sap of ancient trees, represents our inner spark and ancient connection to the universal source. It is an interesting fact that the word electricity is derived from the Greek name for amber, elektron.

The materials used in this installation include fourteen species of wood, woven copper wire and copper sheet, sand cast bronze, gold leaf, enamel paint and amber.

 "POster New Forms Matter" by Claire Murgatroyd


Port Moody Arts Centre

August 15 - September 8, 2013

Architecture: the built environment

 "Statement" by Claire Murgatroyd

 "Dovetail House Minett" by Claire Murgatroyd

"Dovetail detail" by Claire Murgatroyd

The Period Arts Cabinet: Featuring The Dovetail in Wooden Architecture and Furniture

"Period Arts 1" by Claire Murgatroyd


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